Friday, April 16, 2010

Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic

ro·man·tic \rō-ˈman-tik, rə-\ adjective: impractical in conception or plan

I am all too sober right now and listening to Toto's "Africa." I could be out drinking like a fish and/or flossing a stripper's thong with my hard-earned dollar bills, but I chose to do laundry and think about things that slosh around in my skull. I actually needed the laundry more than the lame down time, but hey, it's been about a bigillion years since I've written anything.

Plus, strip clubs kind of creep me out.

So, I've been doing some thinking about the next year which is pretty surprising since I don't exactly know what I'll be doing next week. Hell, I don't even know what I'm doing for lunch... today. Nevertheless, I will be moving, doing a shit ton of studying, a crap load of partying, and some traveling in the next year. All this stuff should put me in a good spot to complete my New Year's resolution which basically boils down to "suck less this year."

However, one small thing got left off January's pipe dream list. Maybe it wasn't that important at the time, and maybe it won't be imperative for a few months from now, but dating seems to be like Chik-fil-A on a Sunday - an F+ for timing.

And with all this running around and doing cool stuff in the next year I'm not going to have time to start dating again. I mean, I really want to, but I really REALLY want to move to Korea by Christmas next year and learn to play the ukulele. The situation is compounded due to the fact that women smell great (95.3% of the time), look way better than dudes, and a lot of them are pretty damn cool.

Maybe I should wait it out. My priorities can change. I'm sure I'll get bored with not having little arguments and having "the talk." Surely, doing whatever I want whenever I want will get on my nerves, right? I should be able to make time to take ladies to dinner since I already eat dinner on a regular basis (just do it in tandem?).

Yeah, it'll happen. No need to worry about being that old guy with way too many pets and bath robes....yet.

Besides, once I master the ukulele and start my ukulele rock cover band, the ladies should come running like coke fiends to...well...coke.

Thanks for reading this far.